Our Fundraising Program

Your organization can profit 50% or more with Our Own Candle Company's great fundraising programs! Our programs are a great way to raise funds anytime of the year, both multiple times and ongoing.  We also provide a print-ready brochure & tally sheet to be used by your fundraisers. The brochure is full of information about Our Own Candle Company, and the tally sheet can be printed on the back for your fundraisers to use.


Call 1-877-726-6353 for details.


Fill out the no obligation form to let us know you are doing a fundraiser. You are not obligated in any way, and nobody will contact you without your permission.



What we offer

We offer six categories in our fundraising program. Our signature Mason jars, our tin "can"dles, our mini tin "can"dles our Aromatherapy candles, and our wax Melt'ems. All have lead-free wicks, and burn cleanly with no wax    'hang-ups'. These candles are available in our most popular flavors, with maximum scent from top to bottom!

PLEASE NOTE...Unfortunately due to extreme demand, and production limitations we will only be offering our signature mason jar candles until further notice. You can still have an amazing fundraiser with these great candles!!                 Thank you for your understanding.

Fundraiser Pricing & Info
13 oz. Mason Jar Candles

Mason jar cost is $4.75 each
Suggested sell price is $9.00
Minimum profit $4.25 each 


Tin "Can"dles  

Tins cost are $4.75  each

Suggested sell is $9.00

Minimum profit is $4.25 each

Aromatherapy 3 Pk.

Aroma Therapy 3 pk cost is $13.50  each

Suggested sell is $25.00

Minimum profit is $11.50 each

Mini Tin 3 Pk.

Mini Tin  3 pk cost is $7.50  each

Suggested sell is $14.00

Minimum profit is $6.50 each

4 Pack Assorted Mini masons

4 Pack assortment cost is $8.00 each
Suggested sell price is $15.00
Minimum profit is $7.00 each

* The costs listed above are delivered prices. If you pick up your order in Findley Lake, NY each item will cost .50 cents less!

*Please note that this program is only available in the continental United States.

          Fundraiser Goals & Incentives
  • Your organization should have a clear goal in mind, i.e. money for a project, trip, equipment, or other needs of the organization.


  • Determine how many candles per member need to be sold to reach that goal; their individual efforts are the key for a successful fundraising event.


  • Give your organization's members enough time and information to have a successful response.


  • Provide your members with:

       Goals of the Organization, Product Information, Sale Price Information
       Order Forms, Start and end date for the fundraising event,
       Delivery Information, Payment Information


We offer great incentives.

For every 200 items sold we will take $100 off your total invoice!!

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